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June 18, 2019
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June 18, 2019 Bamboo Tail

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Friendly educational weekend open to everyone, come join us and learn all about these unique beautiful dogs . Chongqing Dog and Chuandong Hound Speciality Seminar and
Show 26th-27th October 2019 Holland .

Speciality Seminar and Show 26th-27th October 2019 Holland

We invite you all to what will be potentially the biggest gathering of Chongqing dog and Chuandong hound enthusiasts outside of the breeds homeland China . The weekend will
begin on Saturday 26th October 2019 with a seminar presentation in English and on Sunday 27th October 2019 a Speciality show for both breeds . This is a very important time for both
breeds world wide and it only seemed fit to invite none other than Mr Franki Leung from China , Mr Leung being a member of the CKU Chinese Kennel Union team and in charge of
their Native Breed Scheme whose role is to work on the preservation and FCI recognition of both breeds . In reality there is no other person more qualified to be our special guest for
this very unique weekend .The theme of the weekend is a friendly relaxed gathering of enthusiasts for both days who wish to learn and share information about these two wonderful
ancient Chinese breeds.
The weekend will be held in a central location that has road , rail and airport links to open up this weekend up to all enthusiasts from all over Europe and possibly the rest of the world .
We have a wonderful indoor location for both days that is surrounded by many hotels all of which are dog friendly .
The weekend will begin on Saturday 26thOctober 2019 with a Seminar presented by our special guest Mr Frank Leung . In the morning we will have a presentation of the breed
standards including historical information on both breeds . We will break for lunch midday which will be included in the price of the seminar ticket .
In the afternoon we will have a hands on presentation of both breeds with the opportunity to have a questions answers session with Mr Franki Leung . A very unique opportunity for
everyone involved and present . The price of the seminar including lunch will be 25 euros , tickets to be purchased in advanced . A certificate will be handed out at the end of the day
for everyone who has attended the Breed Specific Seminar hand signed by the Organisers and Mr Franki Leung to commemorate this special day .
On Sunday 27th October 2019 we will have our Speciality Show with Mr Franki Leung our very special guest Judge for the days events . The days events will be friendly and relaxed
but for the purpose of the show we will hold the following separate classes for male and female

Chongqing Dog
Chuandong Hound

Minor Puppy 3 – 5 months
Puppy 6 – 9 months
Junior 9 – 18 months
Intermediate 18 – 24 months

Awards for
Best Puppy in Show, Reserve Best Puppy in Show
Best Junior in Show , Reserve Best Junior in Show
Best in Show and Reserve Best in Show

On the day we will have special rosettes for all placings 1st to 4th . We will have additional trophies for the awards above with jackets for Best in Show , Reserve Best in Show and
Best Puppy in Show . A certificate of attendance will be given out to all entries along with hand written critique of every dog entered on the day .
At the Show we will have a photographer to take photos of the dogs placed on a podium to commemorate the special day .

Price of entry per dog will be 35 euros .

Mr Franki Leung has kindly sponsored our Best in Show award along
with some other very generous sponsors , anyone else willing to
sponsor any awards please contact ourselves and the names of the
sponsors will appear in the catalogue of the show .

Entries for the Show will close on 30th April 2019
Tickets for the Seminar will be on sale up until 30th April 2019

Contact details
whatsapp 00 31 6 30 70 07 40

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