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Chongqing Dog - Temperament

重庆犬 a regal soul. These three words best describe the Chinese CQ dog . This majestic wild Chinese  molosser is really rare. He looks like no other dog. When you greet him, he asserts himself. Perhaps he has a right to, because he has a rich, long history like no many other dog on our planet . The breed is an old ancient , primitive breed from Chongqing velly .In general, this is a very special dog of many qualities .Chongqing Dog Bamboo TailThe CQ dog  is noble, alert, intelligent and dignified. It is good with respectful children, but can be aloof with dogs it is not familiar with. Proper leadership and canine to human communication will resolve this. Socialize this working breed well as a puppy with other dogs and non-canine pets. The Chinese Chongqing  dog is primitive , fearless, powerful and muscular. This breed has been kept as a guard dog for at least two millennia, they are natural guard dogs with high drive but are not suitable for competitive or police bite work. If its owner is not with it and a stranger approaches, the Chongqing dog will heighten watchfulness and make its presence known. If its owner is present, and it sees the stranger is friendly, it will drop its guard even if the owners leave. He is a dignified, quiet personality. Chongqing dogs don’t bark much,  they are known to be a very quiet breed. When they do, it is to alert their owners to important situations, like the doorbell ringing.These dogs do bark, and quite loudly, when confronting an intruder, sounding the alarm , but generally do so much less than most breeds.  They are independent and can be a little standoffish with strangers at first but are extremely devoted to their family . This quietness, combined with the breed’s moderate exercise requirements and medium size make it a good choice for urban and suburban dwellers , No doubt that this breed is intensely devoted and loyal. This is a dog that forms an extremely close bond with its family.  Breed members raised by an individual have a strong tendency to become one person dogs. Chongqing dog raised by a family will usually form close attachments with the entire family, but will often select a single person to be closest to. When properly trained and socialized, most breed members are trustworthy with their own family’s children and they do quite well with other  children too. Since the Chongqing Dog is an evolutionary breed and not “manmade,” their natural instincts are extremely keen and require a dominant owner that isn’t heavy-handed. They do best with an owner who is calm, but firm, confident and consistent with the rules. Despite his scowl, a good CQd  is never aggressive or shy, very similar behaving like Chow Chow. Hybrid dogs of Chongqing dog and Chuandong hound are more aggressive , more energetic and visible more shy , behaving similar like Thai Ridgeback . CQd tend to mind their own business and don’t usually start trouble. They’ll play with their people, but strangers are of no interest to them unless they’re approaching the CQds home without invitation from his owner — in which case he’ll challenge the trespasser. He will, however, let strangers touch him if introduced by one of his owners.

Chongqing Dog Bamboo TailChongqing Dog Bamboo TailTwo thousand years of natural evolution have given the Chongqing dog a strong and sturdy physique , courageous and vigilant  character, as well as a strong ability to adapt . Chongqing dog in the old days was mainly fed by local dignitaries , for housekeeping and homes,  and as a status symbol. The Chongqing dog is of medium size , has a unique standing upright tail Chinese little bulldog Molosser . Most that have worked with the breed claim that they are highly trainable, and are capable of learning much more and much quicker than is the case with other Asian breeds.  However, almost all that have worked with this breed fall into one of two categories: highly regarded and successful dog trainers with decades of experience with many breeds and Chongqing farmers who have kept the breed for untold generations. For the vast majority of potential owners who do not meet these criteria, the breed may prove somewhat challenging. Definitely an incredibly intelligent and adaptable breed that can be taught a great deal.  CQ dog needs an owner who understands the breed. Italian CQ dog breeder #LucaPerazzini ,  made incredible achievement by #TrainingCQdog.. Mixing with a wide variety of different people, experiences, animals, sights, and sounds are essential for a well-adjusted adult CQd. There are many pioneers of this special breed and they should be considered the heroes as well. We should never forget the efforts and sacrifices made that allow us to enjoy our dogs as we know them today.
The Chongqing dog is a hidden treasure from ancient China … 

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