August 26, 2019 Bamboo Tail

– 2018 the first ever recognised Chongqing dog KENNEL by CKU export to FCIChongqing Dog Bamboo Tail

-Legendary MangZi was one of the 1st  worldwide CQd with CKU issued Pedigree.

-for the first ever time Bamboo tail KENNEL teak a part on  FCI International dog show in EUROPE. no one did it before.

-first ever FCI international winner and Grand Champ MangZi Bamboo tail .

-first ever FCI Multi  Champ -Black rose and MangZi Bamboo tail worldwide ,champion winner of four FCI  EU National countries .


Showing our CQ dog  is important to us, as it reflects a professional appreciation and approval of our Chongqing dog . 

…our Kennel is making History and this is just the beginning…

FCI Chongqing Dog


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