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CKU Chinese native breed Conservation Club

– authored by © CKU , WANG GRACE

 Sep  20, 2019  Beijing , China

Translate By Corina Cotoi , Markus Monroe

On September 16th 2016, the second day of the Chinese Shaanxi Dog Responsible Breeding Show, organized by the CKU, received a large number of  Shaanxi dog fanciers, who came to the stadium with their dogs to meet FCI judge, Franki Leung. All motivated by the hope that, with his help, they would reach an increase in the number of the Shaanxi dog population. The Shaanxi dog is valued, protected and has started a positive development, which would translate even into its future participation to International Dog Shows.

Franki Leung experience was a significant help also in the completion of FCI certification for Shar Pei, inspiting the activity of the breed club.

The club members travelled to the cities of Shaanxi Xi’an, Weinan, Gaoling and Fuping in order to understand the distribution and homogeneity of the Shaanxi dog population, visited many museums in Shaanxi and studied historical evidence, as well as a lot of historical, archaeological literature, including a historical study of the breed.

In January 2017, Franki Leung published the first edition of the Shaanxi dog standard.

In April of the same year, he went to Xi’an city again, and presented the breed standard at the Shaanxi Seminar, organizing with this occasion the registration of the first group of Shaanxi dogs.

China has a long history and a vast territory with 9.6 million square kilometers. Almost every region has local breeds with local characteristics. Franki Leung, motivated by his passion for cynology and supported by his solid experience, succeeded to revive Chinese native breeds and bring them into the present.  

In 2017, as a results of the incoming requests from various dog breeds, CKU’s  Chinese Native Dog Conservation Club started working on the preservation and stabilization of Chuandong Hound, Chongqing Dog, Laizhou Red Dog, and Tang Dog.  

In the same year, Franki Leung wrote the standards for these above mentioned breeds. The breed standard manual was officially presented during the 2019 World Show. 

Also overseas, there is a group of enthusiasts passionate about Chinese dog breeds.

It is worth mentioning that the former Chuandong hound and the Chongqing dog were regarded as the same breed by the local population. After many seminars and considerable research, Franki Leung presented the scientific basis, historical development, as well as each breed’s function and appearance. These differentiated breed characteristics ended 30 years of disputes and controversies regarding the two dog breeds. Consequently, they became divided into two separate breeds, with two separate standards,  one for the Chuandong Hound and one for the Chongqing Dog.

In order to achieve the goal of conservation, Franki Leung and the club members went into the mountains and villages, and traveled far and beyond China’s north and south. The purpose of this journey was spreading the scientific concept of conservation, explaining the necessity to avoid unhealthy dogs, inbreeding and hybridization and to avoid the abandonment of dogs and premature death, as well as raising awareness regarding the endangered Chinese ancient native breeds, including putting an end to the use for consumption and starting to have them regarded as respected, lifetime companions. 

Thank you for your love and support for the Chinese native breeds.

Our Achievements

– 2018 the first ever recognised Chongqing dog KENNEL by CKU export to FCIChongqing Dog Bamboo Tail

-Legendary MangZi was one of the 1st  worldwide CQd with CKU issued Pedigree.

-for the first ever time Bamboo tail KENNEL teak a part on  FCI International dog show in EUROPE. no one did it before.

-first ever FCI international winner and Grand Champ MangZi Bamboo tail .

-first ever FCI Multi  Champ -Black rose and MangZi Bamboo tail worldwide ,champion winner of four FCI  EU National countries .


Showing our CQ dog  is important to us, as it reflects a professional appreciation and approval of our Chongqing dog . 

…our Kennel is making History and this is just the beginning…

FCI Chongqing Dog

Frozen Chilled Semen - Chongqing DOg
Frozen Chilled Semen - Chongqing DOg

Frozen Chilled Semen

CQd Frozen and Chilled semen

Frozen Chilled Semen - Chongqing DOg

Frozen Chilled Semen – Chongqing Dog

We too can share experiences, as our kennel was the first to use
artificial insemination of chilled and frozen semen.
Chongqing dog Frozen semen available to be shipped World Wide.
Chilled semen available within the EU
If you would like us to send you chilled semen please follow these instructions:-

  • progesterone test your girl
  • Let us know when you are testing her so we can be prepared
  • We need at least 24 hours notice to send semen
  • If you would like us to put egg yoke in, or not, please let us know at this point



On the day of sending we need to take semen and prepare it at the latest 2:30

It must be posted before 4:30

It will be sent special delivery before 1:00 the next day

If you would like it before 9:00 the next day or Saturday delivery there will be an extra charge

You tell us when to send semen.

Semen is best used the next day or within 3 days

Please do not order when you think she is ready, the longer semen goes unused the more will die off


When box arrives please take semen out of box and place it safely in your fridge. The boxes temp will drop every hour, 

your fridge won’t


  • Prepare a water bath, tea cup will do. With hot water in around 37-40 temp. Use a thermometer to check this
  • Place semen in the water bath/cup of water in the waterproof sealed tube that we sent you, (please do this slowly in order to not damage the tails of the sperm)
  • Leave to warm through for 5 min
  • If possible take a pipette and take a small sample of semen from the tube and test it under a microscope
  • Semen should be starting to wake up. Sometimes there will be dead ones due to shipping, as the live ones warm up they will start swimming. Warm semen until you feel they are alert enough.
  • Semen will wake up more in the girls body as there it is the perfect temp.
  • You can add enhancer to the semen at you own discretion


We can now send frozen semen all over the world, please call us to discuss (Click Here or PDF ICON)
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Chongqing DoG is a primitive dog

What does a primitive dog breed mean? Apart from the fact that a primitive dog breed has been around for a long time, there are several traits primitive dogs share. They have pointed muzzles, erect ears, , curved or straight  tails and almond-shaped eyes, much like wolves, and mostly red colored . Chongqing DoGs have all these features. In terms of behavior, they are strong natural hunters, they howl and they are very alert, which makes them excellent guard dogs. They used to live in the wild, after all. Basically, primitive dogs are dogs that are just about the same today as they originally were, having evolved with minimal human intervention. They weren’t bred. They just were. Because of this, they are closer to the wolf than other dog breeds, which can be a good or bad thing. 

VIDEO :   Why dogs have short muzzle  by Skunk bear          

VIDEO :  Read article by Linda Cole 

Ancient origin of Sichuan dog breeds

Ancient origin of Sichuan dog breeds

Existence of unique and rare dog breeds  was noticed after archeologists found sculptures of an unknown dog breed in an ancient tomb from the time of Han Dynasty, Chongqing area in 1987 and 2000 .

Since then, more of the tombs from the same era were discovered and more of the dog sculptures of that same type of dog were found. 

Experts found out that in the surrounding areas there still can be found functional and agile hunting and guard  dogs with strong resemblances to the dog-figurines from the Han tombs. So , Chongqing dog and Chuandong hound was rediscovered and they stay originally for 1000 of years. 

The dogs have been found in small cities, such as Da Zu, Lin Shui and Guang An, surrounding Chongqing City. Those areas are very isolated places and in every area that breed was called by different names by local people, to name a few:                      

Chuandong hound, Chongqing dog , East Sichuan Hunting dog, 

Bamboo Ratter, Mountain dog, Hechuan dog, Pak Tin Par dog, Linshui dog, etc. bothy type of dogs have subtypes . The origin of this breed is in the Chongqing region, which belongs to the eastern part of Sichuan Province, located in the mountain valley  of southwest China.

Chongqing puppy miller

Wang Peng

Original screenshot made by Conservation Center

The  biggest problem in saving purity of both ancient breeds is definitely Conservation Center , without any

 “professional expert” …. my Chongqing dog are DNA  tested , Bamboo tail Kennel have  Chinese Origin without any western world dog in pedigree for 1000 of years .

Guess why Conservation Center disappear from Facebook together with profile of Tim Taylor


After creating  over 7000 Hybrid dogs between 2014 and 2017. Conservation and Preservation Center together with  China Chongqing Dog Club CCDC was working only by commercial intent .Conservation Center dogs are definitely not Chuandong hound or  Chongqing dog they are a simple cross bred of both breeds , see the website and build own your decision : 

 CCDC Pedigree is absolutely worthless , CKU,FCI or AKC do not recognise this pedigree , nor do dog shows , or educating seminars ,nothing …just nice promises and paper without any worth 🙁

Wang Peng frequently organises dog fighting here is the sad proof click here 

 I strongly recommend to all damaged clients that they ask for full compensation, I will personally help you with this .


Chongqing Dog Bamboo Tail…………me and Kennel Strajano at the Conservation Center the pottery dogs which Conservation Center advertise  are definitely Chuandong hounds and NOT Chongqing dogs!.. that says it all about ‘Wang Peng’ the owner of the Conservation Center  now known as the renamed Hogya Cave Kennel which is a  puppy mill factory with 400 dogs crammed into one small place…please DO NOT support this kind of breeder there are many other reputable breeders available with much better quality CQd then Hongya Cave Kennel.


Bamboo Tail - Chongqing Dog

Bamboo Tail - Chongqing Dog

Pure Chuandong hound with really high quality  are only possible to find 150-500 km around the Chongqing City ,local  traditional breeder breeding Hunting dogs for Hunting , in Chongqing mostly of Chuandong are Hybrid cross mix of Chongqing dog and other local Hunting dogs in black colour or brindle.Bamboo Tail - Chongqing Dog

Report by Markus M.

click here for Chongqing DoG Trusted Resource List

CKU saved the Chongqing dog from extinction

August 2017  CKU recognised two separate breeds
# Chongqing Dog
[FCI Group 2] and
# Chuandong hound,
[FCI Group 6] 

Both breed have new CKU ( FCI ) Standard 

Why did this CKU ?
Bamboo Tail ChongqingdogSimple , over the years the Conservation Center created a new breed a Hybrid type  of Chuandong Hound and Chongqing DoG, 3 sizes of these dogs , brindle , black tan  and white…. and many others cross mixes with Dogo Argentino, Rottweiler, French Bulldog, traditional Shar Pei …It was high noon to save approximately 800 pure CQ dog in 2017  . My personal opinion is that the dog mill broker re sells Hybrids as pure Chongqing dogs to make a lot of lucrative business with European clients , Most of the European  breeders order CQ dogs online without seeing and comparing the differences of Hybrid and ancient type CQ dogs , there was no pedigree or any other relevant document of Origin exchanged . Between 2014 -2017 the Conservation Centers bad profit only focused breeding  was diluting the breed as there are so few true bloods cross breeding and inbreeding is occurring. The knowledge of the exact breeds that contributed to the original Chongqing Dog were lost years ago . From 2014 – 2017 was the time of the Puppy Mill broker . And the worst part of it was that the CCDC Chongqing dog Club was supporting this kind of breeding .A puppy mill “broker” is a pet dealer engaged in the business of reselling puppies which were bred elsewhere. Unlike retail pet stores  , brokers are middlemen dealers who obtain puppies from breeders and puppy mills, and then transport and resell them. The worst Chongqing dog mill broker was from Sweden and a few from Russia , they just go for quick money making and not caring about  saving or preserving the purity of the Chongqing dog. they told the wrong story about the Origin of the East Sichuan dog , (that the Chongqing dog and the Chuandong hound are one breed and that the City type is the Bulldog type, and the Hunting type is the long muzzled Chongqing dog ) the Situation on the market was like this, Chuandong puppies go for  $80 – $400   , CKU Certificated Chuandong puppies over $1000 ,   Price of ancient Chongqing dog type is up to $3500 for a puppy . the more outstanding specimens were used as status symbols and were almost ornamental in some of the yards in Chongqing,Top adult CQ dogs are over 10,000 US $ – 35,000$ . So dog mill brokers would sell foreigners hybrids because Chuandong puppies were cheap and European clients had no idea what the ancient CQ dog looked like . Temperament, behavior and health are not dependent on colour. The Conservation Center created white, brindle and tan colour CQ dogs.   Colour is a matter of personal preference. Don’t believe anyone who tells you certain colours or size of dog are more desirable, valuable, healthier or better-tempered than others. Inexperienced or disreputable breeders, however, who mistakenly believe certain colours are more valuable sometimes use breeding stock with poor dispositions or health defects in order to produce colours they think will bring more money.   Be sure to examine the parents of your puppy before purchase to make sure they have the quality of health, personality and appearance you want in your CQ dog. Even today many Breeders in Europe ,Russia and the USA are still breeding the Hybrid type made by the Conservation Center. They never even went to China to visit local breeders , they never compared real CQ dogs with Chuandong hounds or cross breeds of both types , they are blindly believing  and following the fake Story told by dog mill broker . They do a really fantastic job , buying for 80-300$ and selling to Europeans for 3500$ . That’s the reality for years . Sadly 99 % of honest hard working Chinese CQ dog breeders don’t speak English and they don’t know how to use Facebook , Google or YouTube ( it’s even forbidden in China ) to spread the truth about the ancient rare Chinese Bulldogge…What I learned from my second China trip                                                                                                                       13 Reputable CQ dog hardore KENNELs breeder from the Chongqing City told me the same Story  ,, is that in the last 10 years, a lot of people from the villages have come to the City and are bringing their hounds  (Hunting Chuandong hound ),“”And there has been a lot of crossbreeding.”  That’s why the Conservation Center  or today Hongya Cave Kennel  with self declared expert from Sweden  Tim Taylor  offers on the dog market 3 sizes of  CQ dog from XXL to S , white Chongqing dog , black tan and brindle Chongqing dog , ?? yes this is reality by Hongya Cave KENNEL. Black Chuandong hound ? they create whatever the dog market wish to get . Guarantee for only 3 generation purebred ? waooo…Definitely  wrong and dangerous for the purebred CQ dog.  Chongqing dogs screenshots tell all about the Conservation Center purity of Chongqing dog, I have personally visited the Conservation Center , there is nothing what we believe in the western world , dog fights , puppy mill , and is absolutely not an ethical breeding environment  …


Introduction de Chongqing Dog et de Chuandong Hound.

Depuis 2013, nous nous intéressons à la race de chiens chinois de Chongqing.

En 2018, nous avons adopté Tao et Zya Bamboo Tail (Marcus Monroe),  puis Zoé à l’élevage Victoria Ushakova, en Crimée.






Désireux d’approfondir nos connaissances sur les chiens chinois de Chongqing, il était évident pour nous d’aller à Chongqing City en Chine.

En Mars 2019, nous nous sommes rendus au berceau de la race, à Chongqing City pour les Chongqing Dog et dans les montagnes de l’est du Sichuan pour les Chuandong Hound.

Ce voyage était aussi l’occasion pour nous d’affirmer ou de confirmer les informations très contradictoires que nous pouvions trouver sur internet.

Le récit de notre périple en chine est un bref résumé de notre voyage, et n’a pas la prétention de détenir la vérité ultime. 

Nous ne faisons que rapporter ce que nous avons vus de nos propres yeux et des échanges enrichissants avec les chinois de Chongqing et de son agglomération.


Bien que ces 2 races soient quasiment identiques, il existe des différences physiques et de tempérament majeures.

Les différences physiques :

Taille : Le Chongqing Dog est moins haute (35 à 45 cm) que celle du Chuandong Hound (40 cm à 50 cm).

Dents : Le Chongqing Dog doit avoir une morsure inférieure perpendiculaire à la machoire (dents courtes). Le Chuandong Hound doit avoir les dents en ciseau parfait (dents longues)

Couleur : Noir et Rouge pour le Chongqing Dog, uniquement rouge (couler originale sauvage ) pour le Chuandong Hound

Museau : Court de type bouledogue pour le Chongqing et long de type terrier pour le Chuandong Hound.


Museau court : Chongqing Dog (Tao type bouledogue)

Museau court : Chongqing Dog (Tao type bouledogue)

Museau long : Chuandong Hound (Bock type terrier)

Museau long : Chuandong Hound (Bock type terrier)

Des tests ADN récents, disent que le Chongqing Dog et le Chuandong Hound sont frères.

Les Chongqing Dog ont un fort pourcentage de Mastiff du Tibet et de Chow Chow dans leurs origines.

Les Chuandongs Hound ont un fort pourcentage de Chien Dingo sauvage.

Le plus ancien et le plus pur reste le Chuandong Hound. 

Il est même plus pur que le Thai Ridgeback.

Les différences de tempérament :

Du fait de son museau long et de ses dents en ciseaux, le Chuandong Hound est moins sensible aux efforts physiques (respiration) et aux chaleurs. 

De ce fait, le Chuandong Hound est plus à même de chasser ou de pratiquer l’agility.

Ces 2 types restent des chiens primitifs et sont très indépendants – Néophytes s’abstenir !

Néanmoins, pour nous, le Chongqing Dog est un chien de spectacle alors que le Chuandong Hound est plus un chien de travail.

Avec le peu de recul que nous avons, nos Chuandong étant encore jeunes (moins de 1 an en août 2019) nous trouvons nos Chongqings Dog plus têtus et indépendants que nos Chuandongs Hound. 

A suivre…

Popularité :

Malheureusement, nous allons vous décevoir. 

Personne ne connaît réellement la vraie histoire antique de ces 2 races. 

Ceci reste, à ce jour un mystère. 

Ces 2 races auraient plusieurs milliers d’années d’existence, même si le Chongqing Dog sous sa forme actuelle, est apparu il y’a une quarantaine d’années seulement.

Nous avons trouvé une multitude de Chongqing Dog dans tous les élevages visités.

Il y’en avait aussi sur le marché aux chiens, contrairement aux rumeurs qui circulent sur le Web.

A chaque fois que nous posions la question aux chinois : « qui est le plus rare en chine ? 

Le Chongqing ou le Chuandong ? 

La réponse était unanime : le plus rare en chine est le Chuandong Hound.


Est-ce la réalité ? 

Nous ne le savons pas ! 


Ce n’est pas notre petit séjour qui nous aura permis de vérifier les faits, les Chuandong Hound étant détenus par des paysans, dans l’arrière pays en pleine montagne, il aurait fallu parcourir des milliers de kilomètres pour s’en rendre compte par nous même. 


Il est donc très difficile de vérifier ces informations.

Est-ce important ? Non  ! Evidement ! 

Ces 2 types sont très rares dans le Monde, et il est primordial de préserver leur authenticité.


ChuandogLa première apparition en 1994 du chien chinois de Chongqing, dans une revue chinoise très populaire, était un Chuandong Hound.

Evidement, il était impossible de ne pas se rendre au musée de Chongqing, sans voir de nos propres yeux les statuettes antiques retrouvées par les archéologues.

Les Chongqing Dog et les Chuandong Hound sont ils des chiens hybrides ?

Quand un chinois souhaite adopter un Chuandong Hound, le plus pur possible, il doit parcourir des milliers de kilomètres dans les montagnes

Ces chiens très précieux à leurs yeux, ne sont pas exportables dans le reste du Monde. 

Les chinois, très conservateurs, ne souhaitent pas les vendre aux inconnus et encore moins aux étrangers.

Le peu de Chuandong Hound vendus en Europe sont effectivement des hybrides, croisés avec du Chongqing ou avec des défauts majeurs (langue rose, brachycéphales, dos creux, mauvaise posture, queue courte, etc …).

De nombreux Chongqing Dog exportés en Europe sont également des hybrides. Nous pouvons trouver du Rottweiler, du Dogue Argentin ou du bouledogue français dans leur ADN.


Les chinois ont très vite compris que le type bouledogue plaisait énormément aux Européens. 

De ce fait, pour vendre et exporter en masse, les chinois n’hésitent pas à croiser le Chongqing Dog avec d’autres races. 

Heureusement, il y’a une bonne nouvelle et tout n’est pas perdu !





Des tests ADN prouvent que des Chongqing Dog comme MangZi (Markus Monroe en Autriche) ont un ADN 100 % chinois , et que Peaches et Relic de chez Alaina et Brendi aux USA, ont comme ancêtres du Mastiff du Tibet et du Dingo

Pour ceux là en tout cas, il n’y a aucune trace de chien Européen dans leur ADN.

De nombreux éleveurs chinois travaillent en étroite collaboration avec la Russie qui inonde l’Europe et qui est très présente sur les réseaux sociaux…attention…car…la qualité, et les conditions de transports sont déplorables dans la majorité des cas.

Un chien peu parcourir 7 jours dans un train, sans manger à sa faim , enfermés dans une cage comme du bétail pour faire le trajet Chine – Russie. Ceci pour réduire les coûts au maximum.


Puristes, nous ne pouvons cesser de penser que le type prognathe du Chongqing Dog ( museau court) est apparu suite à une intervention humaine, à un moment donné de son histoire.

Désireux de développer des chiens solides, robustes avec une longue durée de vie (jusqu’a 20 ans), nous avons souhaités minimiser tous problèmes de santé que le brachycéphale entraîne.

De plus, que ce soit le Chongqing Dog ou le Chuandong Hound, une activité sportive régulière est nécessaire. Le type brachycéphale n’étant pas le plus adapté pour le confort du chien dans ce type d’activités.

Apres une relation de confiance établie et 2 jours de négociations intensives avec notre désormais ami et collaborateur Zhu WenWen, nous avons finalement réussi à adopter 2 Chuandong Hound, issus de lignée les plus pures de Chine !

STELLA (Femelle)

STELLA (Femelle)

BOCK Chichen Kennel (Mâle)

BOCK Chichen Kennel (Mâle)

Nous vous présentons donc STELLA et BOCK importés de l’élevage


les premiers Chuandong Hound originaux importés en Europe, au Portugal.

Notre élevage Chuandong Original Kennel – Chinese Chongqing Dog est le premier élevage d’Europe à produire ces 2 types précieux, ancestraux et très rares dans le Monde entier.

Facebook : CCD – Chinese Chongqing Dog Kennel  

Instagram : chongqing_chuandong_original


Tel : +33 752026960

Email 1:

Email 2:


Bamboo tail BG
Bamboo tail BG

CQd Article by Matthew Spinks


Bamboo Tail CQdog

– authored by ©  Matthew Spinks

  owner, Dragon God Kennels

  August 25, 2019 

Chongqing City China is a major city in the southwest of China. Administratively , it is one of the four municipalities under the direct administration of the central government of the Peoples Republic of China . The other three are Beijing , Shanghai and Tianjin . With a estimated population of 30 million people it places it up there with some of the largest cities in the world today . Chongqing City has transformed in recent times with a rapid growth and investment . However it was not so long ago this was predominately a rural area and location for its people and wildlife . Chongqing Cities geographical terrain makes it very unique and this can be seen in the type of dogs that have evolved naturally in time like the Chuandong Hound and Chongqing Dog . These 2 primitive breeds have a very unique appearance and adaptations to deal with life in and around the Chongqing regions . 


In the city it is easy to see beyond the daily life that areas like this have been locked in  time for thousands of years . I would say wealth in these major cities in predominately new and the majority of the population live moderate life styles as they have done for thousands of years . Dogs in particular are favoured for their working ability and the pet industry although exploding in China is relatively new . I have worked in the Asia Pacific as a young man but i found China quiet unique and very different from most places i had visited . The Chongqing Dog is a very unique specimen that has been crafted by mother nature her self with adaptation that are very unique .


Bamboo Tail CQdogThese dogs are favoured highly by their owners and very large prices can change hands for what are deemed excellent specimens . This is a primitive native breed and for centuries has lived side by side with man in different forms also being called by different names . The dogs are highly regarded by real true ambassadors of the breed in China . The relationship in China between man and his dog is evolving and companions are sought after now as apposed to real working dogs but obviously their is still some way to go for the people that fight hard for the rights of dogs in China .

Bamboo Tail CQdog

Dogs predominately live in rural moderate conditions with working class type of people . These words mean something very different to the conditions we favour here in many European type towns today . I would say 90% of the wealth in China is  controlled by 10% of the people and the majority live a very basic lifestyle . This can sometimes be seen with regards to the conditions that some dogs are kept in , dogs living on chains however looked down on in the western world can be a common thing in china for some. That is not to say that all dogs live this way that would be untrue and not fair to say . I have witnessed many dogs living in excellent conditions as much loved companions prized by their very proud owners .


Bamboo Tail CQdog

Chongqing City and the Chongqing Dog are both very unique and as westerns we are only truly starting to learn and understand about this wonderful magical type place and their very beautiful dogs . Under the leadership of  very respected people like Franki Leung of the CKU Chinese Native Breed Conservation Club the breeds are being standardised and in effect protected for ever by dedicated people . The journey will be long and at times challenging in our quest for protecting one of natures true beauties of the dog world  .



Bamboo tail Kennel conclusion: 

Indigenous Australians are the Aboriginal ,those Aboriginal tribes who lived inland in the bush and the desert lived by hunting and gathering. Indigenous peoples in Brazil live in the Amazon like 1000 years ago without Civilisation. African Maasai tribe  living a traditional life they share the region with a host of wild animals, Local Chinese Sichuan farmers share life with Chongqing dog since over 2000 years , they are simple rural farmers without any knowledge of modern dog selection or urban dog shows, we must understand its natural wild origin breed, not a modern selection of Top   “man-made” western world dogs .Don’t expect your CQd to be perfect, its long year project , and for first time CQd STANDARD was made by CKU ( FCI classification G2 ) since 2017. CQd was preserved at rural farmers ,mostly around Chongqing City and across Sichuan Valley . The breed is totally unknown as much in other parts of China, but that is changing, many wealthy Chinese  keeping CQd as status Symbol – prices for Top Bulldog type go for 7000-15,000 US $ ,at this point and in the near future this breed will be a matter of prestige for their nation and the theme for lots of debates especially about future DNA tests .

All photos are copyrighted MM©

Bamboo Tail CQdog


Life events Bamboo tails worldwide

In 2020 Chongqing’s highest quality dogs are now scattered and are in the hands of only a few breeders. They are considered extremely rare and very valuable. These few breeders strive to protect , preserve the quality of ancient type dogs and keep alive such a special wild molosser dog from China.

Chongqing DoG Trusted Resource List     ☆☆☆☆☆                                             

Trusted TOP breeder | FCI Certificated  | PL – Poland based 



  • Xiang Baychuan | WeChat +86 173 5326 7266 | birthplace of many TOP and most expensive CQ dog in China |  CKU Certificated | CHN – Chongqing based 
  • Mrs. Zhang  | Kennel Jiuniu  | WeChat +8615334524675  |  sice many generation true  ancient CQd type | CKU Certificated  | CHN – Chongqing based  
  • 北碚姚健  | WeChat-ID:a13883730910 | Chinese Trusted long time CQ dog breeder  | one of the oldest traditional CQd KENNEL |  Family Run | CHN – Chongqing based  
  • 袁赐成 |+86 135 0001 0689 |Best CKU STANDARD CQd selection |CHNGuangzhou based |

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Time-Misted Origins BY DENISE FLAIM©

Chongqing Dog HistoryChongqing Dog fanciers say that theirs is an ancient and natural breed, depicted in excavated statues from the Han dynasty that date back almost two thousand years.Ceramic dog from the late Han dynasty excavated near Chongqing.

But Hing Chao, a cultural preservationist and columnist for Hong Kong’s Tatler magazine, goes back even further, positing an ancient connection

between the Chongqing Dog and the Molosser breeds so familiar to us in the West.  Chao notes that an early, warlike tribe called the Xirong, who settled in the western province of Sichuan around 1765-1122 BCE, could very well have traveled with dogs of this type. He also compares photos of the Chongqing Dog and the Alano Español, an ancient bulldog brought to Spain by the Alani, nomadic pastoralists from 5th Century Iran. Like the Chongqing Dog, the modern-day Alano Español has high-set ears (albeit cropped), slightly undershot bite, short muzzle and sometimes a black mask, and is only a few inches bigger than the tallest Chongqing Dog.  “As far as I am concerned, their phenotypical resemblance is remarkable and bespeaks of a common ancestry in the distant past,” Chao writes. “If I may take a further leap of faith, by postulating a connection between the ancient Xirong and Scythians – two of the oldest nomadic groups in the world – may we perhaps even hypothesize an ancient dog breed of the Molosser type originating in northwestern China/inner Asia which eventually spread to Europe through the trading and warlike activities of the ancient nomads?”

Chongqing Dog History

Chongqing valley – Climate features and Geography features

Chongqing and its immediate surroundings were part of the ancient Chinese province of Sichuan, which has long served as Tibet’s eastern border.  Sichuan is famous for its mountainous terrain, unique culture and cuisine, and speech, which is either a unique dialect or language depending on the expert. Chongqing belongs to the subtropical humid monsoon climate zone. Annual average temperature is around 18ºC. Average lowest temperature in winter is 6-8ºC and average highest temperature in summer is 27-38ºC. 

There is little snow and much fog all year round. Features are warm winter, hot summer, early spring and short autumn. Rainfall is plenty, about 1000-1400 mm a year. There is plenty of night rain when spring is changing into summer, hence the saying “bashan night rains”.

China is rich in biological resources. Until now, there are a number of native Chinese dog breeds still live in their cradle, most of them are undiscovered outside of China, some of them are even unknown outside of their region of origin.

Chongqing is located at the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, between 105’17”-110’1″east longitude and 28’0″- 32’3″ north latitude. It is 470 kilometers from east to west and 450 kilometers from north to south. Chongqing neighbors Hubei and Hunan in the east, and Guizhou in the south, it neighbors Sichuan in the west and Shanxi in the north. The terrain slopes down to the Yangtze River valley from south to north, and is therefore quite undulating. In the northwest and central parts are mainly hills. In the southeast are Dabashan and Wulingshan mountains. Major rivers are the Yangtze River, Jialing River, Wujiang River, Fujian River, Qijiang River and Daninghe River.

Chinese Chongqing Dog

HeppY Bamboo Tail - Chongqing Dog

Chinese Chongqing Dog

Chongqing DoG

Herkunft und Geschichte

Der Chongqing Dog hat eine lange Geschichte, heute wird vermutet, dass seine Ursprünge etwa vor 2000 Jahre lagen, in Chongqing, einer südwestlichen Region Chinas. In einem Grab in Chongqing wurden Skulpturen entdeckt, die dem heutigen Hundetyp stark ähneln.


Der Chongqing Dog ist mit bis 45 cm cm und max 20 kg ein Hund mittleren Größe, kompakt gebaut, muskulös und leistungsfähig. Angestrebt ist ein  gut gebauter Hund, das heißt die Größe sollte auch der Körper länge entsprechen. Das Fell ist kurz, glatt anliegend, pflegeleicht. Der Kopf ist etwas wuchtig im Verhältnis zum Körper, mit deutlichem Stopp und faltiger Stirn. Die Ohren sind klein, aufrecht stehend, dünn, nach vorne gerichtet. Wie beim Chow Chow , Shar Pei oder Thai Ridgeback  schwärzlich blau Lefzen haben und eine blaue Zunge.


Haushund, Wachhund, Ausstellungshund   


Чунцин — бульдог-загадка

Чунцин, или китайский бульдог — средних размеров собака с азиатским лицом. Чунцин очень красив: он похож на древнюю бронзовую статую, складки на лбу выдают усиленную работу мысли, а во взгляде сияет многовековая мудрость всего китайского народа. Это и понятно: ведь возраст породы — не меньше двух тысяч лет. Во всяком случае, первые упоминания о собаках, похожих на китайских бульдогов, дошли до нас со времен правления династии Хань.

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So What’s with the “Sparse coat” of the Chongqing Dog?

There are hairless dog breeds, most of which have hair on the head, tail and sometimes feet to one extent or the other.  There are coated dogs that carry the hairless gene but then there is the Chongqing Dog with its sparse coat. Before going further let me state the December 2018 China Kennel Union (CKU) Breed Standard states “Hair: Short and very harsh without any undercoat” but let’s dig into this a little further…

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