Our Dogs

We have imported, retained, and selected from among the best dogs we could personally find in China , in addition to selective outcrossing and choosing the best from our own litters to retain. We are proud to present Our Dogs – the foundation of Bamboo tail KENNEL

Our Prestigous Males

Majestic Stance, Striking Gaze, Awe-Inspiring Power, Muscular Athleticism, Breathtaking Movement …
Superior Results Produced By Generations of Skilled Breeding
Males exemplify a program and impact large segments of future generations. They reflect a Breeder’s ideals and expertise. Each of our males has a rich genealogy of merit … and it shows!
Meet the Lords of #BambooCQdog


Our Distinguished Females

Noble Presence, Intense Expression, Refined Substance, Elegance Motion, Foundation of Excellence …
The True Foundation of a Breeding Program
The foundation of any breeding program rests on its females. They contribute 50% of their genes to offspring, and they imprint on every baby. Their impact far outweighs the male in reproduction. Our staunch practice of choosing Superior females is the linchpin of our success. Our girls embody the Spirit of Bamboo tail .
Meet the Ladies of #Bambootailkennel


The World's best Chongqing DoG

Int. Champion & Grand Champion MangZi the PROGENITOR
The Legend with over 300 mating in 5 years.Most wanted and one of the most expensive Chongqing Dog MangZi is part of our breeding project . Waooo !

With over 1000 puppy produced by  MangZi , he is a  KING like no other Chongqing dog before or after . Fact !

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Elected by supreme ToP Chinese CQ dog experts as best ever primogenitor Chongqing dog . Since spring 2019 MangZi is part of our  Breeding Program and belong to Bamboo tail Kennel. He is National and International Champion , Grand Champion &…Super Star…

For first time best TOP CQ dog was sold out of China to our KENNEL.

A whole series of factors can make certain dogs extremely expensive. These include the rarity of its breed, the number of awards and titles it holds, the condition of its health, and its appearance. An extremely rare dog breed that has all but disappeared. Today ( 2019 )  there are only around 3000 of them in China and less than 100 worldwide.. MangZi is a very friendly DoG , he quickly forms great relations with children. One of the upsides of owning a Chongqing dog is that they live for up to 20 years. 

MangZi DNA TEST by embark Laboratory 

MangZi Y-chromosome we can trace his father’s ancestry back to where dogs and people first became friends. This map helps you visualize the routes that his ancestors took to your home. Their story is described below the map.


HAPLOGROUP A2a                                                  HAPLOTYPE  Hc.12

A2a is a truly ancient lineage. Unlike the recent upstart A1 lineages which found their way from a few popular European males a couple hundred years ago into many dogs in many breeds, A2a shows ancient roots without major recent expansion. It is likely one of the oldest eastern Eurasian male lineages of dogs, where it has existed for thousands of years. Nowadays, it’s commonly found in Tibetan Terriers and Chow Chows as well as in Southeastern Asian village dogs. The Chow Chow seems to have been depicted in sculpture over 2,000 years ago, so this is an ancient lineage indeed, and dogs with it have a long and noble pedigree! Males from this lineage have continued to be bred in similar forms and breeds for millennia.

Part of the A2a haplogroup, this rare haplotype occurs in Papua New Guinea and Vietnam

HAPLOGROUP A5                                                                        HAPLOTYPE A201

Through MangZis  mitochondrial DNA we can trace his mother’s ancestry back to where dogs and people first became friends. This map helps you visualize the routes that his ancestors took to your home. Their story is described below the map.

A5 is a rare maternal lineage. It is the most numerous among the village dogs of Vietnam, though it is also present in the Chow Chow breed. Additionally, it is found in the Carolina Dog, and attests to this population’s origins among the indigenous native dog.

A201 Part of the A5 haplogroup, this haplotype occurs most commonly in Carolina dogs. It’s a rare find!

We have available frozen semen from TOP CHINESE STUD   MangZi the PROGENITOR 

we did sperm test before freeze and post thawing, he has very good quality sperm such as:

  • Sperm count per straw ( 0.5 ml )
  • Motility percentage ( 0-100 ) / Speed of sperm ( 0-5 )

We can offer 1 dose, 2 doses or more doses of frozen semen . Shipping is available all over the world, to all destinations and all clinics in the world who work with that in different cities, for more information about frozen semen, shipping and prices, feel free to contact us.


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