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August 25, 2019
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August 25, 2019 Bamboo Tail

Wang Peng

Original screenshot made by Conservation Center

The  biggest problem in saving purity of both ancient breeds is definitely Conservation Center , without any

 “professional expert” …. my Chongqing dog are DNA  tested , Bamboo tail Kennel have  Chinese Origin without any western world dog in pedigree for 1000 of years .

Guess why Conservation Center disappear from Facebook together with profile of Tim Taylor


After creating  over 7000 Hybrid dogs between 2014 and 2017. Conservation and Preservation Center together with  China Chongqing Dog Club CCDC was working only by commercial intent .Conservation Center dogs are definitely not Chuandong hound or  Chongqing dog they are a simple cross bred of both breeds , see the website and build own your decision : 

 CCDC Pedigree is absolutely worthless , CKU,FCI or AKC do not recognise this pedigree , nor do dog shows , or educating seminars ,nothing …just nice promises and paper without any worth 🙁

Wang Peng frequently organises dog fighting here is the sad proof click here 

 I strongly recommend to all damaged clients that they ask for full compensation, I will personally help you with this .


Chongqing Dog Bamboo Tail…………me and Kennel Strajano at the Conservation Center the pottery dogs which Conservation Center advertise  are definitely Chuandong hounds and NOT Chongqing dogs!.. that says it all about ‘Wang Peng’ the owner of the Conservation Center  now known as the renamed Hogya Cave Kennel which is a  puppy mill factory with 400 dogs crammed into one small place…please DO NOT support this kind of breeder there are many other reputable breeders available with much better quality CQd then Hongya Cave Kennel.


Bamboo Tail - Chongqing Dog

Bamboo Tail - Chongqing Dog

Pure Chuandong hound with really high quality  are only possible to find 150-500 km around the Chongqing City ,local  traditional breeder breeding Hunting dogs for Hunting , in Chongqing mostly of Chuandong are Hybrid cross mix of Chongqing dog and other local Hunting dogs in black colour or brindle.Bamboo Tail - Chongqing Dog

Report by Markus M.

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