Chongqing DoG is a primitive dog

August 25, 2019
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August 25, 2019 Bamboo Tail

What does a primitive dog breed mean? Apart from the fact that a primitive dog breed has been around for a long time, there are several traits primitive dogs share. They have pointed muzzles, erect ears, , curved or straight  tails and almond-shaped eyes, much like wolves, and mostly red colored . Chongqing DoGs have all these features. In terms of behavior, they are strong natural hunters, they howl and they are very alert, which makes them excellent guard dogs. They used to live in the wild, after all. Basically, primitive dogs are dogs that are just about the same today as they originally were, having evolved with minimal human intervention. They weren’t bred. They just were. Because of this, they are closer to the wolf than other dog breeds, which can be a good or bad thing. 

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