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First Chongqing DoG Kennel

Welcome to Bamboo tail KENNEL
the first Chongqing DoG Kennel in Europe
The home of the true Chongqing dog since first day .
Guess what, fans of purebred dogs? A lot of us have at our feet dog breeds that are living museum pieces, and their heritage breeders are nothing less than conservators…

We are the first Chongqing Dog KENNEL outside of China,
be privileged enough to work with these wonderful dogs.
FCI – 6606

The Origin of Bamboo tail Kennel is from the Top selected blood lines from the East Sichuan Province #Chengdu and #ChongqingCity . Each and everyone of our dogs have been by CKU with DNA test approved. Bamboo tail Kennel is fullmember of CKU Guaranteed Quality of this ancient breed called China’s Bulldog here @ #bambootailkennel .We breeding only the ancient Bulldog type. Chongqing dog is one of the oldest Ancient Molosser dog which survive till today. Our kennel was founded in 2014. Since 1st OKT 2018 established in CKU – FCI system.

We live in AUSTRIA, – Central EUROPE. Our home and kennel are located 12 km from Vienna Downtown or 10 min from Vienna Airport. Our #bambooCQdog are part of our family, they live with us, puppies and adult dogs play with our kids,cats, ride with us on a journey. They get all the best that we can give them, our love, high quality food, best veterinary care, and much ,much more.

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We look forward to promoting this unusual breed and bringing awareness to the fact that this is just one of many dog breeds that would face extinction without careful human intervention. Guess what, fans of purebred dogs? A lot of us have at our feet dog breeds that are living museum pieces, and their heritage breeders are nothing less than conservators .

A special thanks to most reputable breeder in East Sichuan Province Xiang Baychuan and fantastic opportunity to import Top #bambooCQdog from China.Especially thanks to #FrankiLeung (Top FCI Judge ) who bust Chongqing dog recognition under CKU and let Chongqing dog participate on International FCI dog show across the Europe.


Our Team.

Strong minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, weak minds discuss people.


I am often asked, “What lines are your dogs?”.
The answer? ancient bulldog from China -mine line!
When I started my CQ dog endeavor, I purposed in my heart that I was going to create an elite, distinct line of my own. I have never been much of a follower so Bamboo tails foundation dogs are not from Conservation Center, Chongqing dog Center or Kennel Hongya Cave wannabe popular kennels.… I chose dogs from Top functional Chinese breeders, a few from the Chongqing City, a few from Chengdu and Legendary Progenitor MangZi. They were correct, healthy and had amazing temperaments. Almost 5 years later and Bamboo tail pedigrees are as many as 3 generations deep of OUR work. The Bamboo tail Bloodline is original and is esteemed worldwide.


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